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Kemetic Order Illuminatus



Established as an Egyptian Rite of Pharaohs, our order was founded by the Egyptian Pharaoh Khafre during his reign (2520-2494 BC).

Khafre was the Architect of the Great Sphinx of Gaza, which is also the burial tomb of the Egyptian God Osiris.

Those who became loyal Neophytes / Architects of the royal order, vowed to protect the tomb of Osiris & all the secrets buried within it.

They were all given an abundance of wealth, children & properties all over Egypt. Their lives became very prosperous & they were known to possess the mystical powers of Osiris, which made them the oldest secret brotherhood of Pharaohs.

Today we are people of all different walks of life, sriving to become wealthy & enlightened in our modern world. We give our members the financial & educational support that they need to live their lives like the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.


And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and in deeds (Acts, 7:22).

When it came to the acquisition of knowledge, Kemet was the center of most, if not all, ancient

learning. At the center of this learning was the Mystery School, a secret learning center (until c. 570 B.C.) where one went to become a whole person, and thus help mold civilization and its philosophy. Its curriculum was a rigid and lengthy process designed to ensure (1) an educated leadership, and (2) peace among the populous via effective leadership.

As a result, students from around the world came to study the secrets/mysteries of Kemet, the learning center of medicine, science, astronomy, mathematics, and other subjects taught by African master teachers. Moses and other ancient prophets studied at Kemet (the home of monotheism, salvation, etc.) before introducing the world to religion and religious study. The above quote from the book of Acts (7:22) confirms this reality.

However, the most populous international students were the Greeks, referred to by the priests of Sais as "...the children of the Mysteries," (James, 1954, 39-40, 42) consisting of: Solon of Conchis, Thales, Plato, Eudoxus, and Pythagoras, who, according to Plutarch, "...greatly admired the Egyptian priests," and copied their "...symbolism and occult teachings..." to "...incorporate..." them in their "...doctrines" (Babbitt, 1969, 161).

The temple-university (the home of the Mystery System) was conducted by an elite faculty (as mentioned previously) called Hersetha or teachers of Mysteries, who taught: architecture, carpentry, cosmography, plant science, pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, embalming, law, astrology, literature, magic, theology, mining, metallurgy, land surveying, engineering, geography, forestry, agriculture, and animal science (in addition to the above) in the departments of: (1) the Mystery Teachers of Heaven (astronomy, astrology...); (2) the Mystery Teachers of All Lands (geography...); (3) the Mystery Teachers of the Depths (geology, cosmography); (4) the Mystery Teachers of the Secret World (philosophy, theology); and (5) the School (mystery) of Pharaoh and Mystery Teachers (language, law, communication) (Myer, 1900 via Hilliard, 1984, 157).

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To begin your journey towards wealth & power, it is customary that you become a documented & declarated member of our brotherhood.
Membership requires a one time petitioners fee of $100 USD which entitles you:

1. Membership card
2. Initiation instructions
3. Title of Pharaoh
4. Sacred documents
5. Member Ring

14 days after you have been sworn into the Ancient Illuminati of Kemet, our Grand Secretary will mail you a (Visa) debit card in the amount of
($10,000 USD) to use for whatever you like, but at your own discretion.

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Kemetic Orthodoxy is a modern religion based on Kemeticism, which is a reconstruction of ancient Egyptian religion. 

It was founded in 1988 by Tamara Siuda, who remains its current Nisut or Pharaoh. Kemetic Orthodoxy does not follow a single scripture, but rather a fluid understanding of balance, justice and truth.


Kemetic spirituality, also known as Kemetism, may also be called Neterism or Egyptian Neo-paganism. The name derives from “Kemet.” 

This is the original, native name for the Ancient Egyptian homeland. Kemetic spirituality derives heavily from many sources.




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Osiris vs. Anibus

Founded in the year 2019

Kemetic Order Illuminatus was founded on October 11, 2019 by the Grand Pharaoh of our order the honorable

Lord Walter Anderson Rex of Buffalo, New York.

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